Deb Becker is a mixed media artist
working primarily with stained glass and carved wood.



Tree Of life

A beautiful and unique blend of glass and wood, Tree of Life is an amazing centerpiece for any art lover


Tree of life with words

A beautiful bow between carved recycled wood and glass pieces. Deb's mosaic panels are beautiful and unique


Fused Glass

Small pieces of glass fused together to create a larger image. Deb's fused glass wall and window panels are amazing and unique pieces of art.

Every piece has a story.


Each slice of wood is unique – it tells the story of the trees life with its rings and knots and markings. When I look at it, I see another tree inside of the slice, and I bring that  to life. I try to include the unique markings and patterns as part of the finished Tree of Life.



20+ years designing with glass.


When I first started making Trees of Life, I did not give them a background.  Then I got the idea to use stained glass as the background.  It was a perfect combination!

I have always loved stained glass, especially the infinite variety of colors.  I took one stained glass class and started incorporating it into my work.  After a few years, I had accumulated lots of small pieces of scrap glass.  Not wanting to be wasteful, I bought a glass kiln and taught myself to fuse.  Now I use fused glass elements – trees, leaves, turtles, etc., in my fused glass landscapes.


estee-janssens-396876 (1).jpg


You can connect with Deb at her shows, and order custom pieces or just learn more about her process.

Deb is on the road a lot, so check out her show schedule to make sure you cross paths on the right day.

If you'd like to discuss a custom piece in person - that's a great way to do it.